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The EUROSTRUCT Award is established by the EUROSTRUCT -Executive Committee to honour outstanding contributions to bridge and structural asset management and structural engineering.

This award will be made to the member of the EUROSTRUCT Association whose work has helped in significantly strengthening the scientific base of structural asset management including quality control, assessment and management of bridges and structures. The work may consist of articles in journals, conference papers, professional achievements or other sources which addressed the issues of structural safety, maintenance, infrastructure, asset management and life-cycle cost.

Nominations for the EUROSTRUCT Award to be presented at the EUROSTRUCT 2023 Conference have to be sent to the EUROSTRUCT Award Committee here.

Nominations must be received by August 31, 2023. In each nomination, please include a short biography of the nominee including current position, past achievements and qualifications for this award.


  • Senior Award (nominees must have been 31 years of age or older on January 1, 2023)
  • Young Award (nominees must have been 30 years of age or younger on January 1, 2023)

EuroStruct2023 International Award of Merit

Prof. Dan M. Frangopol Prof. Dan M. Frangopol
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Center for Advanced Technology for Large Structural Systems (ATLSS Center)
Lehigh University
Short Biosketch

EuroStruct2023 Outstanding Structure Award

Prof. Eugen Brühwiler Prof. Eugen Brühwiler
Civil Engineering Institute
EPFL – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne

EuroStruct2023 Outstanding Structure Award

Prof. Konrad Bergmeister Prof. Konrad Bergmeister
Institute of Structural Engineering
University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU)

EuroStruct2023 Honorary Membership Award

Prof. Drahomír Novák Prof. Drahomír Novák
Institute of Structural Mechanics
Brno University of Technology
Czech Republic

EuroStruct2023 Honorary Membership Award

Ing. Radomír Pukl Ing. Radomír Pukl
Červenka Consulting
Czech Republic

EuroStruct2023 Senior Scientist Award

Ing. Paola Darò Ing. Paola Darò
SACERTIS Ingegneria Srl

Dense sensing on road bridges network: new approach to data-informed assessment
Paola Daró | Isabella Alovisi | Giuseppe Mancini | Monica Longo | Dario La Mazza | Alfredo Cigada

Prof. Giuseppe Quaranta Prof. Giuseppe Quaranta
Sapienza University of Rome

Development of corrosion hazard maps for reinforced concrete bridges
Giuseppe Quaranta | Gian Felice Giaccu | Bruno Briseghella | Camillo Nuti

EuroStruct2023 Young Scientist Award

Maximilian Granzner Maximilian Granzner
University of Life Sciences and Natural Resources (BOKU)

Life-cycle performance of noise barriers focusing on installation conditions of fasteners
Maximilian Granzner | Alfred Strauss | Michael Reiterer | Hannes Kari

Dr. Andrea Meoni Dr. Andrea Meoni
University of Perugia
A New Methodology for the Prioritization of Visual Inspections of Bridges and Viaducts
Andrea Meoni | Enrique García-Macías | Ilaria Venanzi | Filippo Ubertini