Membership may be either individual, institutional, young (≤ 25 years), honorary or observer, without any restriction on number. The member admission depends on the approval of the Executive Committee. Members shall represent countries located in the European Continent or others that collaborate or wish to collaborate in matters related to the mission and objective of the Association. An individual member shall be a person who is involved in the areas of activity covered by the Association and is willing to support the mission and objective of the Association.

Institutional members shall appoint three representatives who may attend meetings of the Association, and participate in the Association’s scientific programme of meetings with the same privileges as individual members. A young member shall be a person with 25 years or less who intends to pursue knowledge within the scope of EuroStruct and to develop. Honorary membership shall be awarded by the General Assembly upon recommendation of the Executive Committee. Observers shall be members from countries recognized as International Countries by the COST Association or an international association. The annual membership fee are as follow:

Young Members
(≤ 25 years)






Should you be interested in joining EuroStruct, please choose the proper application membership above.