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EUROSTRUCT condemns hostilities toward Ukraine

EUROSTRUCT is extremely saddened by the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine. We are, as an organization and as individuals, horrified by the unfortunate humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ukraine in the last month. While we often cannot feel the pain of those affected, our thoughts are with our friends in both Ukraine and Russia.

EUROSTRUCT is an association that advocates peaceful exchange of knowledge promoting friendly relationships across all nations and cultures. As engineers, our decisions, choices, and efforts can help rebuild not just infrastructure, but also the lifelines of human existence. Therefore we stand together with other international associations to condemn the ongoing outrageous and tragic actions toward Ukraine. Let us hope for this crisis to end and look forward to peace, and hope.

To follow a timeline of the EU response to the invasion of Ukraine, please go to: Timeline – EU response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

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EuroStruct emerged from COST Action TU146 “Quality specifications for roadway bridges, standardization at a European level (BridgeSpec)”, which aimed to achieve the European economic and societal needs by standardizing the condition assessment and maintenance level of roadway bridges.

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