EuroStruct emerged from COST Action TU146 “Quality specifications for roadway bridges, standardization at a European level (BridgeSpec)”, which aimed to achieve the European economic and societal needs by standardizing the condition assessment and maintenance level of roadway bridges.

With a duration of only 4 years, it was found that the work carried out during COST Action TU1406 could still be further developed and its purpose could be extended to structures other than road bridges. With this in mind, it was decided to create the EuroStruct Association which aims to promote the understanding and advancement of practice on quality control of bridges and structures at a European level.

Such desideratum can be achieved by:

  • improving the quality of bridges and structures in Europe;
  • promoting worldwide cooperation and understanding through the exchange of knowledge and experience in quality control;
  • encouraging awareness and responsibility of structural engineers towards the needs of society;
  • encouraging actions necessary for progress of quality control in bridges and structures;
  • improving and fostering cooperation and understanding between organisations with similar objectives.

In order to fulfil its mission and objectives, the Association will organise meetings, seminars, conferences and related activities independently or in collaboration with other organisations. The Association intends to collaborate with other organizations and institutions with objectives consistent with its own.

The Association also intends to publish reports, communications, periodicals, books, amongst others, identify research and development needs, and initiate and support research activities.