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by EuroStruct 2018
9 months ago

Presentation Submission

Authors and Presenters are required to upload their contribution presentations to the Conference platform available for this purpose.

The file name for upload should follow the following format: DatePresentation_NamePresenter
Please check the DatePresentation in the Program Schedule below.

We request that this format be followed.

Presentations must be made in the ppt (Powerpoint) format.

A version in PDF format must also be submitted as a backup.

If presenters have more than one presentation, please name it with running numbers (eg. DatePresentation_NamePresenter_1, DatePresentation_NamePresenter_2, etc.).

Software on Presentation Laptops: Windows 11 and Office 2021 Professional.

If you have any problem with the uploading process, the presentation format and/or with the presenter person, please contact us here.

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