Call Special Sessions - EUROSTRUCT

by Boutik Studio
2 years ago

Call for Special Sessions

Special Sessions organizers have the complete freedom to choose the topic of the session, within the general scope of EuroStruct 2021, and to invite at least five authors working in the field of the Special Session. Chairing and papers reviewing will be the responsibility of the organizers.

Special Sessions should include six standard invited lectures of 20 minutes duration including questions. Submission procedures and deadlines for the SS are the same that the general ones for the Conference. Authors submitting papers to the SS will be able to select the SS topic during the update of their abstract and papers.

Due to budget limitations, no financial support for the authors participating in the Special Sessions will be provided. However, a free registration can be offered to main organizers.

Special Sessions proposals must be sent to no later than December 15th, 2020 and must include:

  • Title;
  • Brief abstract of 5-10 lines about the Special Session topic;
  • Organizer name;
  • Co-organizer(s) name(s), if any.

The call for Special Sessions is closed.