Probabilistic Modelling of Traffic Loading for Higher Tier Assessment of Bridges - EUROSTRUCT

by EuroStruct 2018
3 years ago


Prof. Colin Caprani is a Chartered Structural Engineer and Fellow of Engineers Australia (CEng, MIStructE, CPEng, NER, FIAustE) with considerable industrial and academic experience. His work specializes on the safety assessment and performance monitoring of bridges. He is a Director of the non-profit Confidential Reporting on Structural Safety – Australasia (CROSS-AUS). He has supervised many PhD and MSc students in a variety of topics related to structural safety and bridge engineering. He has received numerous awards and attracted significant research funding. He is a prominent media contributor on bridge and structural safety issues.

Probabilistic Modelling of Traffic Loading for Higher Tier Assessment of Bridges
In some situations, the deterministic methods of bridge safety assessment such as rating factors, are inappropriately conservative. Bridge owners should then have recourse to higher tiers of assessment, such as reliability-based assessment. Australia has some of the highest legal vehicle weight limits in the world, and in a recent AustRoads Project our team developed a suitable traffic load model and used it in a reliability framework to demonstrate the benefits of higher-tier assessment. In this talk we will introduce the Australian bridge and traffic context, the higher tier probability-based bridge assessment framework, and describe in some detail the traffic load modelling approach used, including the consideration of dynamic actions.

This LiveTalk is available in YouTube.

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